Preclinical Services

  • In vitro / in vivo efficacy studies

  • In vivo PK/PD studies

  • In vivo MTD studies

  • Biological material transfer

In vitro / in vivo efficacy studies

PDX Studies

We evaluate the efficacy of your compounds against the growth of patient-derived tumor xenografts implanted subcutaneously into nude mice. We offer mono- and/or combination efficacy studies. Note that standard of care drug sensitivity and molecular characterization data are available to guide your model selection.

Cell line studies

Thanks to our partnership with Urosphere, we can offer innovative cell line efficacy studies based on non-invasive small animal optical imaging, allowing drug target validation and anticancer drug efficacy evaluation.

In vitro

Cellular screening can be conducted via in vitro studies. We can perform cell viability assays, proliferation and apoptosis tests as well as migration/invasion assays. UROLEAD possesses commercial cancer cell lines for each cancer type of the urological sphere. All our panel of cell lines is guaranteed mycoplasma free.


In vivo PK/PD studies

We perform in vivo pharmacokinetics / pharmacodynamics studies by treating mice with your compounds then sampling biological material (blood, tumor, tissue, urine) over time.

In vivo MTD studies

We determine the maximum tolerated dose of your compounds in non-tumor-bearing or tumor-bearing mice according to your specific needs.

Biological material transfer

We can provide FFPE slides, snap frozen tissue samples and DNA / RNA / protein extracts upon request, for target expression screening and determination of the relevant models for pharmacology studies.
On demand, samples from your study (blood, tumor, tissue, urine) will be collected and processed for follow-up analyses.